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Rates & Fees

You have the right to confidentiality of your records and to proceed through the therapeutic process at a pace that works for you. Unfortunately, working with insurance companies is often at odds with these important facets as insurance providers require private information, such as a diagnosis or access to treatment plans, or impose arbitrary session limits. For this reason, I do not work with insurance providers. 

Pixel Perfect Psychotherapy operates as fee-for-service business, meaning service users pay out of pocket at the end of each session. (Reimbursement via insurance is possible if your insurance plan provides reimbursement for out-of-network providers. Click here for more information.)

Intake Session // 60 Minutes

Our first session is the Intake Session. This appointment lasts around 60 minutes with the goal of creating as complete and accurate picture of you and your needs as possible. Prior to the session, you'll receive a packet containing a few brief questionnaires and informed consent documents. We'll review these during the intake as well. 

Cost: $220

Sliding Scale Openings

Psychologists, as part of our ethical code, seek to provide services at a reduced cost when possible. Pixel Perfect Psychotherapy provides a limited number sliding scale slots. 

Sliding Scale Cost Intake: $180
Sliding Scale Cost Standard: $125

There are currently NO sliding scale slots available. 

Out-of-Session Contact

There may be a time where we need to talk outside of session. This should be a rare occasion, and if it occurs, out of session contact (e.g. phone call) exceeding 15 minutes will incur a fee. Fee is based on the amount of time taken but will not exceed the cost of a standard session. 

Standard Session // 45 Minutes

Upon completing the intake session, subsequent sessions last 45 minutes and focus on specific issues. This is where our therapy work happens. I usually recommend meeting weekly at the beginning as we get to know one another and put together our treatment goals and plan. Bi-weekly or monthly sessions can be scheduled, as appropriate, for existing clients. 

Cost: $185

"No-Show" Fees

Life happens and sometimes things get lost in the shuffle. A "no-show" occurs when you have a scheduled appointment but do not attend and do not notify the provider in advance. Our policy is 1 "free" no-show; subsequent no-shows will incur a fee. More than 3 no-shows may result in termination of the therapeutic relationship. 

No-Show Fee:  Half the session cost

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